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I do not think I would have been brave enough to let her off leash to start but the ghost game let me know she was going to be ok.

Jamie , I want to thank you for this class. You have helped me relax and trust my dog. Like you said prey is harder than avoidance but the games you showed us and the work we have put in has really really helped my dog (and me)

I am not sure if i will be silver or bronze in prey 1 (as per our discussion ) but I shall be there working on the sidelines. I hope the snow does not interfere. 

Take care and see you on FB
I just want to apologize for not posting any Wk 6 videos. Speaking of the randomness of life, some issues cropped up at home that demand most of my attention this week. However, I have worked through Wk 6 Games 1-3, some of which are familiar to him. And I especially like game 4, the drunken walk. I have a whole lot of distraction toys tucked away that he's never seen and I love the idea of confronting him on a winding walk, around each turn.

I want to thank you so much for the detailed steps you've taken to give the dog the skills needed to make good choices, and to respond quickly when choice is not an option. We will keep working away and I have no doubt Deacon will become very trustworthy around snakes.
Love the approach to teaching avoidance based on fundamental skills that have already taken us far. I am confident that applying these skills will serve us well and I will have a dog who understands what to do when confronting a snake. I also look forward to applying these principles to add other things to avoid.
I really had fun, even though I had some set backs to keeping up with the games each week due to my busy schedule and then illness. I really enjoyed it, and more importantly my pups really enjoyed it. Would take it again any time. Highly recommend it. Learned some very fun games that taught my pups just what they needed in rattlesnake avoidance. sharon california